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Yes - you need a great headshot

Up Your your brand.
If you are a professional anything and are using a selfie as your photograph - you aren't a professional!

Some call it a headshot but it's really so much more.  Social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook have become powerful networking and communication tools and it is important that you present your image as a professional in the best way possible.  Whether you are an actor or an attorney, a great business portrait accents your strengths and conveys your personality. This is not a job for your camera phone!


We work with small businesses and large corporations to create professional portraits of key representatives that are essential in todays business communications. We can come to your office and setup our studio and create images of one executive or the entire office. We will show our images on the spot, make selections with you and deliver 2 to 3 fully retouched images in both black-and-white and color and optimized for both print and web.

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