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When you partner with the C2it team you get the complete package. Our team is fortified with experienced experts in all areas of marketing, so rather than having to find the best SEO expert, Facebook ad guru, copywriting whiz, commercial photographer or video production team you have access to it all in one place.

We help businesses generate  highly targeted leads each and every week through our laser focused proprietary methods, so if you're ready to take command of your brand - we'll see to it!


Our Process

discover your story - activate



why your story matters

If your STORY does not connect with customers, your Online Marketing Campaign will fail.

Our strategic creative process begins with you because we can’t begin planning for the future until we learn about your past. We’ll meet with you and ask questions. We’ll check out your products. We’ll learn about your competitors. The whole time we’ll be searching for clues about your brand to help us understand the challenges you face, find the solutions you need, and speak clearly to the audience you want to reach.

Simply put, our goal is to deliver a message as unique as your brand. We prioritize effective strategies that produce leads - and that takes planning. We’ll use everything we learned in our discovery process to clearly identify who your audience is and what they believe so that your message is well thought out. Then we’ll find out where your customers are and allocate resources to those corresponding marketing channels so that you have the greatest possible impact.

find your target audience - engage

With our proprietary systems and strategies, we are able to find where your target audience is active and what behaviors define them. 

Finally, before we turn on the jets, we’ll set measurables to benchmark our results. These results-oriented goals allow us to create a marketing strategy that delivers a real measurable ROI.

deliver the message - dominate

We broadcast your story to the right audience with powerful social media strategies, video ads and online marketing.

We have the talent and proprietary tools to design and implement impactful marketing strategies that find and convert targeted prospects into customers. We'll pore over every detail to create just the right impression on your ideal audience. We’ll help you capture and analyze results so we can adjust our approach on a project-by-project basis. When we launch a campaign, we are already thinking about how to use it as a building block towards even greater success.

Take Command of your brand today.

Success! Message received.

We help companies grow through strategic, targeted online marketing. You need more of the right clients, leads and sales to grow your business. We are available to answer your questions, suggest an action plan, outline deliverables and have coffee.
We are happy to plan, build and execute your marketing strategy or simply consult with you to show you the best direction to take command of your brand.



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